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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Beginning

This blog was created by my sister, Lindi, because I wasn't really too excited about starting one and so she HAPPILY volunteered. I've promised her that if she just started it for us, I'd keep it all up to date! :) We're currently on our honeymoon in Park City, Utah so we'll catch up when we get home!! :)
We wanted to thank EVERYONE who helped make our reception possible. The turn out was great and it was so good to see that many people there. We are opening our gifts when we return as well, so I'll keep you posted on all the goodies we got!


  1. Hey sista! Very cute blog so far. I'm sure that everyone is dying for a post about your honeymoon! :) Hope all is well! Love ya

  2. Katie, I am so glad you started a blog!! Haha you will love it in no time i promise!!