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Friday, April 17, 2009

It Has Been a While

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. I don't have anything specific to share, but I thought I would just catch everyone up with our life. Richard is still going to work everyday and is still loving what he does. I still go to school everyday and only have a few more weeks left which is super exciting. We are both definitely ready for summer weather and some summer fun. We had a great Easter weekend and did some fun stuff. On Saturday Richard's Aunt Susan had an Easter egg hunt for the little kids. So the grown ups could have some fun (it's weird that I'm considered a "grown up" now) she hide a golden egg and a silver egg for them to find. No one was really looking for them so they ended up telling Richard were the silver egg was because his uncle David had found the gold egg. Inside the silver egg was some candy and a date night to the Hyart. So tonight we are going to use it and go see "Knowing!" Thanks for putting that together Aunt Susan!
We are going to move into Eric and Becca's house pretty soon, so we are excited for that and it will be nice to have some more space for our stuff. Also next week Bob and Dani are coming home because my dad is branding so we will all be helping with that. Richard and I are excited to see Bob and Dani and to get our brand on. Just so everyone knows the only reason I have a blog is because my talented, wonderful sister Lindi set it up for me and actually did the first and second posts. So thanks Lindi Jo it looks super cute and I promise I will get better at this whole blogging thing.


  1. YAY! An update!! :) Sounds like things are going GREAT! Glad that you are still enjoying everything that you and Richie are doing. I do have to say I'm jealous that you all get to brand Saturday. NOT fair! :) Have fun though!! :) Love you

  2. Oh it is so good to hear that you are doing well. I have been waiting for you to blog! Thanks Lindi for getting Katie started! Katie you and Richard should come to B town and visit us. We would love to have you over to play games and hang out.

  3. Just so you know your pictures are GREAT! you look so beautiful! :)

  4. We are excited to get our brand on as well. There was no way of talking Bob out of coming. He was determined. We'll see you soon! Love you.