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Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of Summer

I know, how weird, I haven't posted in forever. Anyhow I thought I would let you all know about the end of our summer. The end of our summer consisted of traveling, being away from each other for the first time, spending time with family, and working. Around the middle of July Becky asked me to go to Idaho and Utah with her and her kids. I wasn't sure about going at first because it would be the first time that Richard and I would be apart since we got married. I decided to go anyway and we left on a Friday morning and came back on a Tuesday. We drove through Yellowstone Park and went to Swan Lake first to see Stephanie. I stayed with them for one night and then met up with Bob and Dani and stayed with them for the rest of the time. It was fun to spend time with them both and Dani alone. On Monday I went shopping with Becky, Stephanie, and Celeste. I enjoyed spending time with my sister in-laws and also my nieces and nephews. The ride home got kind of long because I was missing Richard and wanted to home. Once we finally got home being with Richard was great and I really missed him.

Me and Dani taking pictures together before we went went shopping for baby stuff. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I forget to.

After we got home I was only there until the next Thursday because we went to Idaho. Richard and I, his parents, and his brother Shane and his wife Shara all went to Idaho because they got a job replacing a deck for some people that Stephanie works for. While we were there I was able to spend a day with Bob, Dani, Lindi, and Nick while helping Bob and Dani pack. I got to spend the day with them and then Richard showed up around seven and we went to dinner at the Copper Mill and then played a couple rounds of Tripoly . It was so fun to spend time with both of my sisters and it was great having everyone together. We stayed for and week and then headed back home only to leave after one day. The one day we were home we spent with Richard's family at the Cody museum and watched the new Harry Potter movie.

Richard working on the deck

Old deck and new deck
The house that Stephanie takes care of and that was getting the new deck

Stephanie and Dave's house

All of us playing Tripoly
Richard and I after dinner on our way back to Bob and Dani's House

The next day we headed to Lingle, WY to help unpack Bob and Dani. My parents had already been to Logan and packed them up and drove to Lingle. We stayed for the weekend helping them settle and exploring their new home. We came home on Sunday and on Tuesday Richard left again for four days to go finish the job in Idaho and I stayed home. It was a long four days and I kept scaring myself at night time, so I was very excited when Richard came home. Once he came home we have stayed home. Once all of that was over I had a week until school started. So I got everything ready for school and have been doing online classes for two weeks now. Everything is just great and we are loving life right now!


  1. Glad to hear from you finally. Good Job!! Love all the photos!!

  2. Thanks again for all your help! It was so fun getting together this summer! Good luck with your classes! Love you!:)