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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas celebration started on Wednesday after Bob, Dani, and Addie arrived. Richard and I headed out to my parents house to eat tacos for dinner and to take part in a family tradition. The cool thing about this family tradition is that Nick and Lindi got to be a part of it even though they were in Las Vegas.

On Christmas Eve Richard worked for part of the day and I went and hung out at my parents house with my mom, Dani, and Addie. That night Richard and I went to his parents house to celebrate Christmas Eve with Eric's family, Shane's family, Grandpa and Grandma Walker, and Great Grandma Walker. We had a great dinner and then Craig read the Christmas story from Luke while the kids put the Nativity scene together. After that we opened our family gifts from each other and the kids opened one gift.

On Christmas Day Richard and I woke up and opened our presents to each other at home. Then we went over to Richard's parents house and enjoyed breakfast just us and them. Afterwards we opened presents from each other and played with a cool little remote car that Richard received. Next we headed out to my parents to spend Christmas day with my family. Once we got there we opened presents and then worked on the always famous puzzle until Christmas dinner was ready. To explain the puzzle- every year Bob buys a puzzle as a family gift so that we can all put it together. Our relationship with the puzzle tradition is a love hate one. Mostly for Bob it is just love :). Anyway my mom prepared a wonderful meal as always. After we ate we worked on the puzzle some more and then watched Julie & Julia to take a break from the puzzle. To end the night we once again worked on the puzzle for a while and then Richard and I went home.

Saturday Richard and I slept in and then a little after noon went to the bowling alley for the Walker Christmas party. We bowled a few games and visited with the family. Later on we went to my parents house and hung out for a bit. Then around seven my parents and Bob, Dani, and Addie went to a Christmas party for a bit while Richard, me, and Jake Bischoff went to Old Dogs at the Hyart. After the movie we went back out to my parents house to play Tripoly- which I totally kicked butt at and beat everyone! On Sunday Richard and I went to church and then for dinner went out to my parents house. On Monday I took down my Christmas decorations inside and spent time with Dani and Addie out at my parents house. That night we ate pizza and played a few games. Richard and I went home and said our goodbyes to Bob,Dani, and Addie because they went home the next morning.

New Years Eve Richard and I decided to have a little party with some of our friends. I made lil' smokies and wings and people brought pop, chips, and dip. We had Matthew, Charlene, Daniel, Kasi, Meredith, and Matt come over to celebrate the new year with us. We played Phase 10 for what seemed like forever. Then we snacked on some food while we watched Taken. We paused the movie to bring in the new year right before midnight. Finished the movie and then for the rest of the night or morning I guess we visited with each other.

That wraps up 2009 for us and it was a great year. We hope that next year is even better and Richard and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!


  1. We're so glad that we were able to spend Christmas with you all. We had a great time! Love you!

  2. Sounds like a great Christmas.... funny pics richard! ;) Sorry we missed out! :( Hope to see you guys soon! love ya