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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching up

I have just been going to school and Richard has been working. Last week was midterms and I only had one midterm to take. It was in business law and I was pretty nervous to take it. It turns out I got one hundred percent on it. The grades for midterm were posted today and as of right now I have straight A's in all of my classes. It's a relief to know that I'm doing well and that half of the semester is over. Richard's dad has been getting a lot of work lately, so Richard is busy now and will continue to stay busy.

Lately we have been spending a lot of time cleaning up the yard and making plans to build a fence, plant grass, and just make the yard look nice. A couple weeks ago we cut down two pine trees in the back yard. Nash Rasmussen has a man lift, so he came over and helped Richard. We were able to get most of the mess cleaned up that same day. We carried the branches off to a burn pile and Ben Schneider came and took the rest for fire wood. We are grateful for the help because it made a big job much easier and faster. There were a ton of electrical wires all around the trees we cut done. This made the job a little trickier, but they only hit them a couple of times and no harm was done.


  1. yay... I love when you blog! Sounds like things are going good. Thats great your doing so much around the house! I'm excited to SEE the changes and updates this summer, in like 2 months!!!!!!! :) Thats great you had so much help with the trees too. that always makes things much easier! love ya

  2. Wow, those trees were huge! That was a big job - way to get it done. You're making the house look better all the time. Love you!

  3. Good job, Bob, on the grades!! I always knew you were a smart cookie!! :-)

    Good job on the trees, Richard!! What a man!

    Thanks too, for the help Sunday and for the cookies!! Just so you know, it's your fault my pants don't fit because I ate almost all of the cookies. Next time maybe you should burn them!!! ;-)

  4. Great job on your straight A's. That is exciting that you are going to fix up your yard

  5. Good Job on School, That's awesome... I wish I had straight A's!! You're yard looks way good!! It's crazy the big difference it makes with having them gone!