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Monday, May 18, 2009


On Saturday the 16th Richard and I had a BBQ with some of our friends at our house. We thought it would be fun to get everyone together because school just got done and everyone was going to be leaving to do their summer thing. This was also the first time Richard and I had people over to our house, so that was exciting. We went to Cody on Friday night to buy the supplies we needed to throw a decent BBQ. We also bought our first grill, because that was a must for a decent BBQ. All day Saturday we cleaned the house, worked on the yard, and set everything up. Our friends started showing up around 6 o'clock, and we started grilling at 6:30. Richard grilled and did fantastic job! We all eat and visited until about 8:30. We were deciding on what to do next while everyone helped clean up, which was nice because it was done in ten mins. We all decided to go bowling and then come back to the house and play games. The night turned out to be a good time and we are happy we were able to spend time with everyone.

The flowers in the background are from Bethany. What a sweetheart, thanks beth!

We played Balderdash, which always results in some good laughs.


  1. How fun!! Looks like you guys had a lot of ppl show up. Glad you had a good time. And I'm also excited to see the pics of this new truck.
    Love ya

  2. it was so much fun! Thanks again are the best!!!

  3. Hey Katie-Bob...taking pictures and the BBQ was so much fun I was glad that I got to see you!! Your house is so cute and Richard was a pretty dang good cook :) You're the best no doubt... I can't wait to get home for the rest of the summer, we'll have to go to lunch again or something... Love Ya!!

  4. The yard looks great! You guys are better at that than I am.

  5. Looks like so much fun! I want to see pics. of the inside. I heard you have it decorated really cute! It was so fun to see you the last two weeks!