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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lovell's Days

Last week was good ole Lovell's Days or Mustang Days either way it' the same thing. During this week Nick and Lindi came home to visit and stayed with Richard and I. It was very fun and Richard and I enjoyed having them stay with us. The week was pretty busy so there was a lot to schedule in. First before I talk about the week I want to talk about just getting Nick and Lindi to Lovell. They had some trouble at the Las Vegas air port and ended up not being able to make their flight. So instead of flying into Billings they had to fly into Great Falls which is 6 hours away from Lovell. By the time they knew they had to fly into Great Falls my parents, Richard, and I were already on our way to Billings. We knew if we had to drive all the way to Great Falls we would have been an all nighter so we thought of something else. Once we got to Billings I called Hertz and found out there was one in Great Falls and in Bozeman so we told them to rent a car in Great Falls and Drive to Bozeman and we would meet them there. Well that all work out and we ended up getting home at 3:30 in the morning.

Through out the rest of the week different events were planned. On Monday night Nick and Lindi hung out with Nick's family so Richard and I got to stay home and go to bed early, It was super. On Tuesday night Lindi had a Stampin' Up party so I went to that and it was a pretty good time. It turned out great and Lindi did a super good job. On Wednesday Richard and I went with Nick and Lindi to a BBQ with some of their friends. On Thursday night Richard and I went to out to my parents house and ate dinner with them and our family friends, the Poague's. After dinner we went to the good ole Follies and meet Nick and Lindi there. Friday night is when there is a lot going on. To start off we went to Family fun night for a bit and help my mom at the fishing pond. That ended a bit early because it got rained out so that means all the other events planned got rained out too. So for the rest of the night my parents, Nick and Lindi, and Richard and I went to Pizza on the Run and ate and then went to the movie in Lovell. On Saturday We went to the good ole parade, ate BBQ sandwhiches at the park and play some football, and went to the fireworks. Sunday Nick and Lindi left, but before they did they cooked us a fantastic lunch and cleaned up the house a bit while Richard and I were at church. It was very kind of them and we really appreciated it. Overall it was a great week and we had a fun time. I was excited to spend some time with my sister and we hope to visit them in Vegas soon!

Oh also during the week my sister and I got our hair cut and we dyed it at home!




  1. Wow Lindi's hair is short. Both you guys look super cute

  2. Just so you all know. Lindi's hair is still long it's just behind her shoulders. Thought I would just make that clear haha

  3. I'm glad that you guys had fun! I'm sad that we missed out. I hope that we can all get together soon! Love you!

  4. I love your hair Bob...very cute!! It's about time you blogged :) ha ha just kidding.... Sounds like you had a fun Lovell's Day :) Love Ya!!

  5. Both of the hair cuts turned out really cute, and the color! It was fun sharing lots of laughs with you, and the others, up at camp!